Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do you offer?

The standard size of a Homecube is 4.2m x 2.4m. With just under 10 sqm, it is as big as you can go without needing a council permit.
We also offer other sizes such as 3.2m x 2.4, / 6.2m x 2.4m and even customised sizes so feel free to ask us!

How long is the lead time?

BUY NOW: 3-5 weeks from receiving the 50% deposit.
RENT-TO-BUY:  3-5 weeks after signing the contract.

The lead time usually varies between 3-5 weeks depending on size, location and desired add ons.

Can I view the cabins?

Yes you can, you can find HomeCube cabins in Auckland and Tauranga for viewing.
Dependent on your location we might also have one near you.
Please contact our staff for viewing details and to arrange a viewing time.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to the whole North Island.

What site prep is required before dispatch?

You will find our tips for site prep on https://homecubes.nz/how-it-works/site-prep-delivery

How will the HomeCube be delivered?

Standard dispatch will be on a trailer by a third party transport agency.

Please ensure the place you want your cabin at is accessible by a trailer.

However, for more difficult locations we can also dispatch on a HIAB with a crane, or built on site for an extra charge.

What do I do if my property is not accessible via a Trailer?

If your site is not accessible with a trailer, or you are not sure about it, please inform us so we can look at it and possibly arrange other options such as dispatching on HIAB or building on site.

Can I have a HomeCube Cabin for free?

As much as we are driven by the vision to create space that anyone can afford, we cant give out cabins for free. 🙂
However, what we can and will do, is keep the prices low so it stays affordable.

How do i get a WINZ ( Work & Income NZ) Quote?

We are very proud to have WINZ partner with us.
If you need a WINZ-quote just comment “WINZ” when you request a quote.

We will then email you a WINZ-quote with our supplier number, that you can take to your local WINZ office.

How does your referral program work?

Our referral program is very simple.

For every customer that successfully orders a HomeCube cabin through you, you get a $150 partnership bonus.

Are HomeCubes insulated?

Yes. All our HomeCubes are fully insulated.

Which Add ons do you offer?

To make your HomeCube more “homey” even before dispatch, we offer the following add ons:

*Residential premium type carpet incl. Quality underlay in 6 different colours,

or quality vinyl

*Electrical Kit

Electrical Kit contains:

– 1x Light switch

– 2x Modern led surface mounted lights (different brightness levels available, warm/cool white)

– 2x double power points

– 3x 18mm mounting blocks

– 6 way switchboard with 63A RCD, 16A MCB & 10 MCB

– Outdoor caravan male power inlet ready for power lead


*Installation and Certification of the electrical Kit by certified electricians.

For bigger or customised cabins we also offer the installation of

*Bathroom (including shower, toilet, hand basin)


More on : https://homecubes.nz/order/

Does HomeCube liaise with the council?

Please check with your local council to ensure adherence with the relevant rules and regulations. HomeCubes Ltd assumes no responsibility in relation to any consents required.