Funding  homecubes Cabin

We make owning a HomeCubes Cabin a fun process.

If you’re wondering what the best way is to own a HomeCube, here are a few common options that our customers have used. The best way to pay for a cabin, varies from person to person based on their unique needs and circumstances.

Cash Buy

Cash buy is the easiest and fastest way to own a HomeCube. You simply order your HomeCube and after receiving a 50% deposit, we will start building your Cabin.

Once the HomeCube Cabin is built, the remaining 50% is due 3 days before dispatch.

We accept cash payment in our branch in Tauranga, online-payments using a credit card or bank transfer.

Work With Our Preferred Lender

We have compared and negotiated with a variety of finance companies and have formed a relationship with the most reliable, flexible and trustworthy Finance Partner we found:

With FinanceNow we found the best and most affordable solutions for customers.

With a fix rate of 12.9% we can offer the lowest rate of all our competitors.


Our Lay-Buy option is for people that are not in a rush to get a HomeCube immediately and need a goal they can save towards.

To start you will need to make a deposit of $600.

Once the Lay-Buy contract has been signed, you save yourself a HomeCube cabin for the current price. Then you have up to 18 months to pay it off. Once paid off, we deliver the cabin to you and it’s yours!

Partner With Friends or Family

We understand there are times when you might not have the funds to fully pay for a cabin or did not get an approval on the Rent to Buy Option. In this situation, we recommend teaming up with your friends and family that have funds available or a good credit line.

Why HomeCubes ?

To create affordable space in a country where space can be very costly. We achieve this by building modular cabins and affordable tiny-houses.

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