Our Process

Let’s get started on your HomeCube. Our process is broken into six steps, all of which our dedicated team can help you with.

Style and speed


Choose Your Site

To put a Homecube on your property it will need to be appropriately transported. Please ensure that your location ready for a Homecube and that the property has enough  for a 7-meter Truck & Trailer access. 

If you are interested in putting a Homecube on your property, ensure that you are doing so legally and safely.

Feel free to send if your location and we can do a bit of research before delivery. If this already feeling like too much, Give us a call .

Your Budget

In addition to your HomeCube, you’ll need to budget for Transportation Optinal Plumbing, and foundation construction. This guide can be used for budgeting purposes, however, each site and location is different and your costs will vary.

Reserve Your HomeCube

We have created a simple online order process here  A Homecube ( Generic Layout) if in stock can be scheduled to be delivered within three business days. please contact us for stock availability.

Order a Homecube

Welcome HomeCube

Your Homecube is delivered, installed, and ready to live in.

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