Site Preparation for Homecubes

Learn how to prepare your site for a HomeCube cabin.

If the foundation is already Cement, Gravel, Driveway or Parking Spots you do not need any site prep. In these cases, you can simply get your cabins placed on top easily.

If you are planning to place your cabin on your lawn or any other places that contain grass, we recommend you follow our tips below:

To prepare your site for a HomeCube cabin is fairly easy.

The site prep depends on how you want your foundation to look like.

You can prepare your site with a 10cm layer of gravel that you need to level out before the HomeCube Cabin arrives.

An even easier way is to use few (3-5) 3 Meter pieces of treated timber e.g 4×2. You can then simply place the timber underneath the cabin. (Please make sure it is level by using more timber on the lower side).

If it is a high wind zone, you will need to ensure that proper foundations are in place to secure it from high winds. Our cabins are lightweight. We highly recommend using SureFoot Concrete free foundation system for your cabins.


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